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Nazo no Murasame Jō

The first Nintendo developed Disk System exclusive which was never released outside of Japan, Nazo no Murasame Jō’s steep difficulty and decidedly Asian influence may have been instrumental in preventing a Western release. 

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Disk Writer

  The Disk Writer kiosks took full advantage of the Disk Cards capability to be written and rewritten. This device best exemplifies Nintendo of Japan’s ingenuity and in many ways foreshadowed the non-retail DLC marketplace prevalent in the modern video game industry. 

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Super Mario Bros.

  The standard against which all future platforming video games would be measured, Super Mario Bros.’ popularity made it integral to the launch of Nintendo’s new add-on, and also paved the way for its much anticipated Disk System sequel.

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  Originally a Famicom cartridge release, Soccer plays surprising well for its age. Nintendo RD&D1 succeeded in synthesizing a robust and entertaining adaptation of the worlds most popular sport.

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  More important for the mechanics that it pioneered than for the game itself, Golf is another example of how Nintendo was truly innovative and had a knack for creating game play concepts that would be later become industry standards.

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  Tennis. You guessed it, it’s Tennis. One of Nintendo’s simple yet dependable early sports titles actually introduced some new ideas that took video tennis well beyond the Pong-styled clones previously tasked with representing the sport.

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