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  Mahjong is an adaptation of the massively successful, near impenetrable and mystifying Chinese tile-based board game. The disk system version is a re-release of the first in a long line of 8-bit Mahjong games home to a Japanese Nintendo … Continue reading

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Baseball is lacklustre, at times boring, often frustrating and an overall badly dated video game experience whose importance lies not in lasting innovation, but rather in unique historical context.

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The Legend of Zelda

Famously based on Shigeru Miyamoto’s childhood adventures through the forests and caves near his home, The Legend of Zelda is a dense, sprawling adventure unlike any console video game that came before it.

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Developed and released as a solution to both the storage and functional shortfalls of the Famicom’s native cartridge medium, the Disk System mostly delivered on Nintendo’s promise of the next evolution in their home video game invasion. Mostly.

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