Pro Wrestling

Pro Wrestling’s charm, playability, and admiration for its source material work in tandem to create a satisfying and rewarding wrestling game experience, which history shows is no small feat.

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Akumajō Dracula


The first entry in the famed Konami series, Akumajō Dracula was the birth of everything the eponymous series would come to represent, and would establish the fertile soil from which all subsequent entries would blossom.

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Koneko Monogatari: The Adventures of Chatran


Koneko Monogatari: The Adventures of Chatran has the some-what dubious distinction of being the first game on the Disk System based on a licensed film property. Movie or TV parentage almost always make for bad video games. Unsurprisingly, this game does little to disparage that lineage.

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A landmark of video game exploration, Metroid would eschew many console video game conventions and give birth to a new breed of adventure game; complex, engaging, and at times both vast and claustrophobic.

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Namida no Sokoban Special

The first Disk System game published by a company other than Nintendo, Namida no Sokoban Special is actually the sequel to developer Thinking Rabbit’s massively successful Sokoban, the original box pushing puzzle game.

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The only true stinker of the early Disk System titles, Vollyball is composed entirely of esoteric mechanics and half-baked design choices that make the game a near-unplayable mess. Nintendo missed the mark, and future vollyball games would do it much, much better.

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Super Mario Bros. 2


Essentially a hard version of the original Super Mario Bros. with new levels and new challenges, Super Mario Bros. 2 was released exclusively to the Disk System for the specific purpose to push sales of nintendo’s add-on disk drive.

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